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Landscapes collide


And "Zippori" - which focuses on the unrestrained, noble, free nature: spaces adjacent to the horizon where heaven and earth meet; Local landscape; An island of serenity that envelops me in peace; A sense of time-stopping in a bustling world, full of anxiety, hatred, and destruction; A diverse landscape of cypresses and thorny arms of Sabra, extending over the countryside of wavy hills.

Nature opens the gates to the imaginative world of the wondrous and disconnects you from reality. While looking at and absorbing nature in all its details, a sensory experience that evoked associations built a world rich in creativity. The power of imagination moved me to the world of the magical and created a reality of multifaceted layers in which the object is in a constant process of variations. This state of emotion is the motivation, the urge for creativity, for paraphrases on the subject, while constantly searching for the construction of the pictorial balance between the miraculous world of imagination and the experience of reality.

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