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2013 - 2016

Memories, my new series of paintings, is a very personal project, since the entire series is based on a fascinating journey into the heart of my memories, which are an inseparable part of my being, suffused as it is with past experiences.


It was completely by accident, in an offhand manner, that I found an old box in my mother’s cupboard in the apartment where I grew up, a box which contained a treasure trove of black-and-white family photographs. My encounter with these photographs launched me physically into them, drawing me into the company of those people who were so near and dear to me and into the environment in which I grew up. This process became a fascinating journey into the past, like writing a journal of my youthful days, visually transformed through painting.


These photographs relate to the stories of people, objects, and the “inner landscape” of my dwellings during the 1950s and 1960s. They evoked within me memories and yearnings for people who were close to my life and my heart and for times passed, and this experience became the catalyst for my need to immortalise, in colour, the apartment’s scenery and the characters that gave it life.


Our living room still preserves the furniture, the large wall-to-wall library, my mother’s two pianos (she is a pianist and piano teacher) – just as they were in my youth; these have later been joined by my paintings. This room was where my father – the composer Alexander Uriyah Boskovich (1907-1964) – had met notable figures like the conductors Sergiu Celibidache and Sir John Barbirolli, the authors Max Brod and Aharon Megged, the dancer Anna Sokolov, painters, theatre people and journalists. It was an atmosphere imbued with beauty and culture. I vividly remember my father’s study on the fourth floor of the house  , going up there occasionally to see him and talk to him.


While working on this series I experienced a kind of catharsis, closing the circle on years gone by, on times that are no more.

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