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This new series combines two possible kinds of surrealism: the abstract and figurative. Each one of the two kinds of surreal manifests unique characteristics which were explored in two of my previous series. The first was called 'Erotic eroded land' and the second was called 'Vermilion'.


For 'Erotic eroded land' the intensive and close relationship between man and earth supplied the themes and guided the choice of materials. This series began with a set of photos and drawings I made of different places in Israel. Following my impressions and imagination, I painted human limbs and the earth in the process of merging and deterioration.

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In contrast to the thematic deterioration and decay in 'Erotic eroded land', the series 'Vermilion' explores rebirth and productivity. The curator Irena Gordon wrote of 'Vermilion':


"David Boskovich’s series of paintings unfolds a biographic journey, which revolves around the woman's womb. The image of the womb acts as a formal and thematic starting point for the paintings, which deal with male and female identity, with birth and rediscovery, with infertility and pain, with the idea of love and processes of maturity and aging. The red-orange vermillion pigment, which is dominant in the works, dictates a surrealistic and alienated atmosphere."

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In this new series I present, side by side, works that act as parts in a circle of . 'Vermilion' was propelled by a surge of empathy that I experienced as a witness to the process of pregnancy and birth. 'Vermilion' represents the longing for productivity and the drive . 'Erotic eroded land' represents the tired part of and the readiness to wither away and return   to land.   

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