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Crossing Monty

2021 - 2022

The series expresses my personal journey in the neighborhood, and the inner journey between old and new, of finding inspiration in the parts of the whole, as in the whole itself, in the discovery of an "obvious" landscape that is only a background to everyday life, when in practice it is bustling And full of life, vitality, and its own uniqueness. A landscape, which we are a part of to the same extent as the way it is the background to our lives. The series seeks to draw attention to the wonders of everyday life, to a dynamic journey, to the importance of paying attention to details, to the need to shake off the power of habit for a moment, and look up.

The creation of the series was based on several techniques - documentation using a camera, quick recording of a collection of primes from the road, where the choice of color, lighting theme, and composition are based on the point of view and personal experience.

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