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2022 - 2024

This series explores the painful narrative of the tragic decline of gyps, a majestic and powerful symbol, yet simultaneously evokes sorrow. Here, between human intervention and the fragility of nature, the gyps, an icon of power, becomes a sad metaphor for ecological imbalance and the fragility of existence.

In Hebrew, the gyps are named for its unique feather shedding. Once common, its numbers dwindle due to human actions. Consuming the carcasses of poisoned carcasses, the gyps face a deadly chain reaction initiated by human hands. From thousands, fewer than a hundred survive today, their nests are silent witnesses to the ecological imbalance.

The inspiration for the series was emotional - a work depicting two gyps chicks crying out for their mother, a touching symbol of dependence and despair. From this image, I began to delve into the gyps' existential struggle, portrayed through the lens of horror and beauty, depicting their existence in shocking, beautiful, and deformed human conditions. The naturalism in these works is punctuated by flat tones and ambiguous perspectives, creating a reality that feels familiar yet simultaneously otherworldly.

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