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2022 - 2024

Inspired by Rembrandt's technique, I lay down transparent layers of paint to create depth, with cadmium red illuminating the monochromatic layers above. The pieces combine oil paints with mixed media on canvas and French paper, creating a tactile collage of visual narratives. 

In diverse cultures, the gyps serve as a symbol of death but also life, protection and motherhood. In these works, the gyps' physical form becomes a vessel for exploring the human condition, capturing its somber beauty and existential decay. The landscape around them is minimalist, a quiet stage for the dynamic and often disturbing spectacle of their lives and deaths. The aesthetic allure of the gyps' form, alongside the horror of its decline, creates a powerful commentary on beauty, destruction, and survival.

The series calls for awareness, reflecting the ecological crisis threatening the gyps of Israel and the urgent need to protect these royal birds. It seeks to highlight the delicate balance between human progress and nature conservation. The conflict between agriculture, wind turbines, and wildlife conservation is starkly represented, inviting a profound rethinking of our impact on the environment.

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