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This series of works focuses on the processes of withdrawal and disintegration created in material. The process, which slowly digesting and disintegrating the objects in this series, gives them new colors and, at the same time, peels and exposes them. The withdrawal of the material’s layers allows the latent layers to rise to the surface and be revealed to the observer as a distortion of matter and shape. However, this process manifests itself in new textures, contours, patterns and colors as if they were a distorted mirror image of a familiar material reality.

At the center of the series are the withdrawal processes of pipes and buildings in Tel Aviv that I processed into reality on another level, that Enables magical realism. I found in the process of withdrawal of the pipes an aesthetic element that attracted me to build different compositions with the same shapes. The rhythm and movement created by the withdrawal and exfoliation processes in the buildings and pipes I painted gave them the momentum of life together with a brightly colored organic Deformation. The composition comes from photographs, (Snapshots), and from nature directly in a quick drawing.

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