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Landscapes collide


Humans turn landscapes and nature into cities and roads and leave our mark on the world. But this mark can be easily erased because when we neglect the structures we have constructed, nature works quickly to reclaim that which belonged to it.

Most often when people think of nature they think of places that are free and isolated. "Nature" is often considered something that exists far from cities. But in Israel, the line between nature and urbanization is blurred. In our Israeli landscape, throughout Tel Aviv in particular, exists a unique nature, it blends in and blooms through pipes, on the buildings, out of the rust, between the distorted layers of neglect, wear, and corrosion common throughout the cities in this country, life emerges, bright and vivid. As someone who grew up in Israel, saw this disintegration and found it beautiful, I see in urban chaos both aesthetics and a catalyst. The combination of my two series illustrates this vision.

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