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Landscapes collide


"Pipes" - which focuses on the processes of retraction and disintegration created in the material. The process slowly degrades and crumbles the pipes and the various metal structures that surround us, giving them a new color and at the same time also peeling and exposing them. The retreat of the layers of matter allows its hidden layers to rise to the surface and be revealed to the observer as a distortion of matter and form. However, this process is reflected in new textures, contours, patterns, and colors as if they were a distorted mirror image of familiar material reality.

The material retreat processes of pipes and structures in Tel Aviv that I have processed into reality on another level that enables magical realism. I found in the process of retraction of the pipes an aesthetic element that attracted me to build different compositions with the same shapes. When I looked at the pipes, the electrical wires, the chains that were a kind of visual chaos, and yet they created a certain rhythm for my visual imagination, which helped me to refine and reconnect the same compositions. The rhythm and movement created by the retreat and peeling processes in the structures and pipes I painted gave them momentum of life along with an organic vibe in bright colors.

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